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Moment of mare

October 15th, 2006 at 10:12 am | Posted in General blah | No Comments

Played for Scrubbers in the church league yesterday against Chapel and was again given a center-back/sweeper role. I’ve never quite understood why they’re so determined to put me here :P. Anyways, I had a bit of a mare, with a moment of madness so maybe they’ll finally get the message.
We have the ball, the back-4 are sitting 20 yards short of the half-way line, no pressure, nice and comfortable, knocking the ball around. I find myself recieving the ball, with just enough time to execute 1 of 2 options:

  1. Place a measured hoof down the right wing (that would be the correct answer)
  2. Pass it back inside towards my fellow centerback who is in close proximity with an onrunning attacker (nooooo!!!!!)

Yep, I opted for the later and their dude cantered through, 1 nil. Felt like such a spoon. Grrrr.
Finished 1-1 in the end, Michael rescued us with a 40-yard looping louie which made Al lindop (their goalie and good pal o mine) look quite silly. Great strike.

In an attempt to a bit more balanced, other than my moment of mare I think we did pretty well, we protected our keeper really well and he didn’t have to make a save.