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Thursday’s child

February 13th, 2016 at 12:02 pm | Posted in Thursday's child | No Comments

Thursday’s child is an experiment; to do something i’ve never done before. To get smart. To get (a little) more serious. Serious about where i’m going. Serious about pursuing God-created and gifted potential. Serious about discipline and living the calling, position and responsibility i’ve been given. I’m 33, an elder, ministry leader, preacher and influencer, yet i’ve shirked, skirted and hesitated; resisting adulthood as if Peter Pan. Child-likeness is a huge strength, Jesus said so, but you can’t live in the sky. Despite internal resistance I need to pick up his shovel and shift some dirt, walk the earth and leave some footprints.

Thursdays will be my coming down – a window of time set apart for deliberate purpose.

I’m going to read, plan, do necessary admin and pray, and purely for my own sake and discipline will track the steps I take.