Now I know in part...

A Psalm

October 23rd, 2006 at 11:36 am | Posted in Tales of the unwed, Thinking biblical | No Comments

Don’t hide your face from me O God for my heart is distressed;
I hold on tightly Lord, for I cannot discern your leading.

My blindness overwhelms me, I cry out in the darkness;
Seeds of doubt are sown in my mind, I feel isolated from your council.

I am attacked from every side, unable to distinguish friend from foe.
If I cannot see my enemy, how can I withstand the onslaught.

Yet I will trust in You, and in the promises laid before me.
Though I stumble I will not fall, for you are faithful, and are sovereign over your creation.

Your love for me will never change, you desire for me is to prosper.
So I will wait on You, for You will speak.