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Home at last

December 22nd, 2006 at 7:47 pm | Posted in General blah | No Comments

Finally home for christmas, been looking forward to it for weeks. As per normal, mum tries to fit in all those appointments that should have been met donkeys ago.

At 10am I got drained of a pint of the red stuff and because it was christmas they were giving out presents. Asda shower gel… oh yeah baby. 11:30 was the dentist. The last 2 days of using the electric toothbrush paid off big time as my teeth were branded “beautiful” (in the manly sense obviously!), though certainly no reflection on the last 6 months worth of slack brushing. Anyways, next up was a game o tennis with Zand, Jonny and John. A year without practice meant I was a bit poo (minus a pint of blood probably didn’t help either), but Zand and me did win 7-5, 6-1. There were glimpses of potential, but the forehand was everytime an erratic, unpredictable disaster :P.

Early afternoon we went to see G’ma in the hospital a la post stroke rehab ward. I thought she was on pretty good form. She didn’t have much control of her left hand and her speech was quite slow. Being the first time i’ve seen her, i’ve really nothing compare progress to. People are hopful she’ll make a fairly good recovery, although the critical question is whether she’ll regain enough mobility to live at home again?